About FORTH Governance

The Ampleforth protocol is governed through a series of sequential steps by holders of the $FORTH token, each representing increasing levels of consensus from the community. Proposals and ideas are surfaced on the discord or our public forum, and are finalized when they are deployed onchain. The progression of increasingly binding consensus can be seen below. Token contracts can be found on github.



The highest level discussions may surface ideas in many places including (but not limited to) the #governance channel on discord, Governance Forum, social media, or community DAOs. When it appears that there is enough general support, a champion may formalize the idea by submitting an Ampleforth Improvement Proposal (AIP) or Configuration Change Proposal (ACCP). forum.ampleforth.org.

Proposals (AIPs / ACCPs)

AIPs and ACCPs are formal documents that describe the proposed change to the protocol or protocol configuration. aips.ampleforth.org.

Targeted Discussion

Each proposal has a dedicated forum topic where outcome-driven discussion takes place. The goal at this step is to finalize any unresolved issues and formalize offchain consensus. forum.ampleforth.org.

Off-chain Signaling

If the previous step did not arrive at obvious consensus, sentiment may be gathered in a non-binding way via off-chain signaling from token holders. This provides more insight into the likelihood of the outcome of the final binding vote by using actual voting power. signal.ampleforth.org

Technical Development

Requirements are implemented in code, launched on testnet, and audited for security.

Binding Vote / Deployment

The final step is a binding vote that happens onchain. The onchain vote is “binding” because its success results in execution of code, without intermediaries. This includes deploying new protocol contracts or modifying the state of existing ones. Members of the community may vote with their FORTH tokens directly or delegate to another address who many vote on their behalf. You can see proposals, delegate, and vote on the Tally dashboard.

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