The Forth DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated solely to the growth and adoption of AMPL”. It can do so through initiatives like protocol owned liquidity, ecosystem development, marketing etc) which are in service of the main goal. Holders of the FORTH token govern can participate in the direction of funds managed by the DAO.


  • The FORTH token has protocol-enforced maximum inflation of 2% per year

  • New FORTH token emissions are controlled by the DAO

  • Each year the FORTH token holders may vote to skip or or mint up to the full amount

  • Proceeds from FORTH minting can be used as the DAO decides


The Forth DAO treasury is a protocol controlled wallet that holds DAO assets.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

When a wallet deposits tokens into both sides of a liquidity pool on an automated market making platform (like Uniswap) it returns LP tokens to the depositor representing the wallet's share of the total liquidity pool and these LP tokens accrue trading fees to their holders.

Protocol Owned Liquidity is the balance of LP tokens held in the FORTH DAO treasury. By participating in governance, FORTH token holders can direct the use of treasury assets to add or remove liquidity as they see fit.

Ecosystem Grants

If the pending grants program proposal passes, holders of the FORTH token will also be able to vote on grants for teams and projects advancing the Ampleforth and broader elastic finance ecosystem.


To participate in active governance please:

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