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Ampleforth Papers, Website, and Socials

  • Website: The official Ampleforth website
  • Docs: The official documentation for the Ampleforth ecosystem
  • Whitepaper: The official Ampleforth white paper
  • Durability Report: The latest Ampleforth network durability report
  • Foreward to the Gauntlet Network Report: A reflection on the Ampleforth motivation and correlation analysis.
  • Gauntlet Network Report: A third party report on the Ampleforth protocol and theory conducted by gauntlet network
  • Redbook: The Ampleforth Red Book is a sequenced list of foundational reading materials on the Ampleforth protocol, and its units (Amples).
  • Github: The official Ampleforth labs GitHub hosting all public repos
  • Discord: The official Ampleforth community discord and primary channel for discussions around governance and works in progress.
  • Telegram: The Ampleforth telegram for enthusiasts (now community moderated).
  • Twitter: The official Ampleforth Twitter for all major news and updates regarding the Ampleforth ecosystem
  • Forum: The official Ampleforth governance forum
  • Medium: The official Ampleforth Medium for all major partnership announcements
  • Youtube: The official Ampleforth YouTube channel

Ecosystem Projects

  • Spot: A decentralized flatcoin that uses tranching instead of liquidation markets to provide stability that scales.
  • Buttonwood Zero: Buy and sell AMPL-backed zero-coupon bonds. Borrow or lend with zero liquidations and zero margin calls.
  • AMPLtools: Community created and maintained repository of Ampleforth links and projects
  • Buttonwood: Utilizes financial primitives to build the decentralized financial stack. Features AMPL in their risk-tranching protocol ButtonTranche
  • Poolside (link coming soon): Decentralized Exchange optimized for rebasing and value accruing assets.
  • HourGlass: Financial derivatives for time preference built on top of Buttonwood’s lending platform, prominently featuring AMPL
  • Forth.Tools: Community created and maintained repository of FORTH links and information


  • Balancer Smart Pool: A Smart Pool that eliminates the impermanent loss typically incurred by liquidity providers on popular AMM’s like Uniswap.
  • Balancer Smart Pool Blog Post: A Blog post outlining the motivation and behavior of the Balancer Smart pool.
  • Uniswap: A decentralized automated market-making application that utilizes a bonding curve to facilitate swaps and discover price
  • AAVE Lending Pool: AMPL asset lending pool, featuring high APY's on the AAVE lending platform
  • Beehive Geyser: Staking pool that rewards depositors of Uniswap AMPL-ETH liquidity LP tokens
  • Fly Geyser: Staking pool that rewards depositors of Uniswap SPOT-USDC liquidity
  • Mooniswap: DEX with an aAMPL/AMPL liquidity pool


  • Pangolin: DEX for AMPL assets on the Avalanche Network

Binance Smart Chain

AMPL Exchanges

  • 1-inch: A DEX aggregator on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Polygon, and more
  • Uniswap: A decentralized automated market maker and swap exchange
  • Coinbase: A major centralized cryptocurrency exchange
  • Bitfinex: A major centralized cryptocurrency exchange
  • KuCoin: A major centralized cryptocurrency exchange
  • MXC: A rapidly growing asian centralized cryptocurrency exchange

FORTH Exchanges

  • Binance: The largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume
  • Bitfinex: A major centralized cryptocurrency exchange
  • Coinbase: The largest US cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume

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